Ogawayama Area Maps

I thought it might be convenient to have all the maps in one place. So here they are.

Here's my idea of an overall map of the area. I haven't included crags with no recorded routes. I've also left off an area called Kyojin Golem because the path disappeared a few years ago and people stopped going there (I spent a couple of days looking for the path, but without success). The path has since been re-established, but people's interest hasn't - it's far, there aren't many routes and hardly any of those are clip-ups. Anyway, if I ever go up there, I'll stick what I know in here.
Ogawayama Main Map

Ogawayama Main

Black lines are roads/paths.
Black blocks are buildings.
Blue lines are streams.
Red lines are imaginary area boundaries.
'H' with a hat is a shrine.
Remember that streams might not have any water.

Number Area Name Area Map (This Page) Area Map (Topo Page)
1 Godzilla's Lair Click Me Click Me
2 Karasawa Click Me Click Me
3 Gamma Rocks Click Me Click Me
4 Hachiman Zawa Click Me Click Me
5 To the Waterfall Click Me Click Me
6 Campsite Crags Click Me Click Me
7 Roof Rocks Click Me Click Me
8 Family Rocks Click Me Click Me

Godzilla's Lair

Godzilla's Lair Map

Number Crag Name
(Click to Get There)
1 Perseus Za Ryuusei Gun (No Routes)
2 Unclaimed Routes
3 Inseki
4 Kinseijin
5 Suisei Iwa
6 Nagareboshi Meguri Pitch 1
7 Godzilla Iwa
Number Crag Name
(Click to Get There)
8 Kaseijin
9 Tracy Island
10 Honpou (No Routes)
11 Godzilla no Ie (No Routes)
12 Meiouseijin
13 Voyager 1
P Phoenix Iwa



Number Crag Name
(Click to Get There)
1 Phoenix Iwa
2 Playland 84 (Not Yet)
3 Butsudan Iwa
4 Penguin Iwa
5 Bolted Face
6 Karasawa Ippou
- -
Number Crag Name
(Click to Get There)
7 Karasawa Nihou
8 Karasawa Sanpou
9 Karasawa Yonhou
10 Karasawa Gohou
11 Tokeidai Ganryou
12 Karasawa Yonhou, Kabu Slab
K Kyuketsuki no Shiro

Gamma Rocks

Gamma Rocks Map

Number Crag Name
(Click to Get There)
1 Gamma Slab
2 Gamma Face
3 Zoku Ojisan Iwa
4 Gamma Main
5 Puchi Rock
6 Gamma Summit

Hachiman Zawa

Hachiman Zawa Map

Number Crag Name
(Click to Get There)
1 Tada no Oo Iwa
2 The Black and White Slab
3 Ringside Area
4 The Ounen no Ran Slab
5 The Haru no Modori Yuki Slab
6 Modoki Iwa
7 Amax Iwa
8 Mumei Iwa
9 Tiny Slab
10 Ootaki Migi Ganpeki
11 Hachiman Iwa
12 Gorilla Iwa

To the Waterfall

To the Waterfall

Number Crag Name
(Click to Get There)
1 Tsuki no Tou etc.
2 Kita Kabe
3 Hihi Iwa (Not Yet)
4 Hakoya Iwa (Not Yet)
5 Pocket Mantel
6 Birdwatching Rock
7 Toride Iwa - Main
8 Toride Iwa - Lower
Number Crag Name
(Click to Get There)
9 Toride Iwa - New Areas
10 Kabuto Iwa
11 Ojisan Iwa
12 Sendou Iwa
13 Genki ga Deru Slab
14 Rolling Stone
15 Lost World

Campsite Crags

Campsite Crags Map

Number Crag Name
(Click to Get There)
1 Oyayubi Iwa
2 Te no Hira Iwa
3 Otonosama Iwa
4 Tanuki Iwa
5 Kitsune Iwa
6 Saikou Roof
7 Sanka Monogatari Slab
8 Komochi Iwa
9 Castle Augh
10 Hotoke Iwa
11 Kaminari Iwa
12 Amida Iwa
S Suishou Slab

The Roof Rocks

I turned this one on its side to get it to fit better.

The Roof Rocks Map

Number Crag Name
(Click to Get There)
1 Yane Iwa Honpou
2 Yane Iwa Gohou
3 Yane Iwa Yonhou
4 Ebi no Shippou
5 Yane Iwa Sanpou
6 Yane Iwa Nihou - Main
7 Yane Iwa Nihou - Right
8 Jantaku Slab
9 Omusubiyama Slab
Number Crag Name
(Click to Get There)
10 Yane Iwa Ippou
11 Junjou Iwa
12 Bireini Purizun etc.
13 Bicycle Dike etc.
14 Soramame Slab
15 Onigiri Iwa
16 Suishou Slab
17 Zoku Zoku Ojisan Iwa

The Family Rocks

I turned this one upside down to get it the way you look at it from the campsite.

The Family Rocks Map

Number Crag Name
(Click to Get There)
1 Ani Iwa
2 Obasan Iwa
3 Saikoro Iwa etc.
4 Otouto Iwa
5 Mamako Iwa
6 Chichi Iwa
7 Haha Iwa
8 Mekake Iwa
9 Laputa no Tou
10 Godzilla no Bessou
11 Rum Doodle
Number Crag Name
(Click to Get There)
12 Riverside
13 Kakushiko Iwa etc.
14 Imouto Iwa
15 Mara Iwa
16 Hop, Step, Jump etc.
17 Sotsugyou Kinen etc.
18 Ane Iwa South
19 Ane Iwa Spire
20 Ane Iwa North
21 Shikaku Iwa
22 Limelight Wall